5 Best Blue Candy

Candy table displaying colorful delicious candies have become more popular in every special occasion such as shower parties, weddings, fundraisers and corporate functions. Color related candy buffets are the favorite for both kids and adults. Coolest pleasant color for this edible table could be soothing blue. Blue is considered as the best color for candy buffet because it blends well with any environment and with any other candy colors.


The paler blue candy generates a soothing ambiance with softer feeling. These shades are mostly preferred for celebrations like baby showers etc. The darker version of blue candy is apt choice for formal functions candy buffet. Any individual would be tempted to devour these yummy gem blue candies from elegant jars.

Event planners and hosts usually take time to pick the perfect color theme for building their candy buffet. Blue candy buffets are discovered to be topmost used in weddings. Blue raspberry rock candy and powder blue sixlets combined with striped candy sticks and whirly pops are mouth watering treat that no soul on earth can resist. You can also add some sour tasting candy for those who like that taste. Other optional shades of blue candy are navy, sky, baby, royal, tiffany, teal, powder blue and more. Here are 5 best blue candies for your candy buffet-

M&Ms candy

M&Ms blue CandyThis delightful Blue M&Ms Bulk candy bag consists of more than 450 pieces in one pound. It comprise of milk chocolate that melts in a crispy way. With so many delicious candy chocolates to savor, thus makes a perfect choice for sharing it with your special friends and family exclusively. They make a best choice for occasions to celebrate baby shower or Hanukah Celebration and more. They are available in various flavors such as hard candy crunch; milk chocolate meltiness and button sized delights are pleasurable treat!

Blue raspberry gummy bears

Blue Raspberry Gummy bearsThe Blue Raspberry Gummy bears allow your kids to play in a sweet manner. These irresistible gummy bear is yummy, chewy, and poppable. The fruity delights will be desired and devoured in bulks by little kids and adults as well. Blue Raspberry gummy bears have been in the top list of customer satisfaction and considered as ultimate choice for your blue themed candy buffet.

Blueberry candy sticks

Blueberry candy sticksAre you ready to transform your tongue in to blue color? These classic blueberry candy sticks are packed with enough blueberries that have power to paint your tongue blue and satisfy the desires of your sweet tooth. Celebrate the baby shower with lemonades or punches served along with blue candy sticks. The classic sticks are wrapped with delicious taste and long lasting exotic flavor. They are available as mini candy sticklettes also, therefore fill your jars with both sizes candy sticks for endless ecstasy.

Blue whirly pops

Blue whirly popsBlue whirly lollypops are the precious delight that looks like treasures in your candy banquet table. The long lasting taste of blueberry pops flavor lasts for hours and keeps your kids occupied in the exotic flow of delicacy. Every box comprises of more than 20 whirly blue pops and when you display them on your table, it sure would be the eye catcher. The rich royal blue lollipop candy is delicious way to build a yummy candy buffet.

Blue rock candy sticks

Blue Rock candy sticksBlur rocky candy sticks is the topper in the sugar confectioneries selections for your celebration sweet buffet. When displayed on artistic containers they look delightful and taste ecstatic. Kids will love gobbling these rocky blueberry flavored sticks with a wide smile on their delighted faces. The edible yummy crystals are soaked with sugar and raspberry flavor for long lasting delicious fun.

The confectionery market is flooded with thousands of blue candies for you to build a delicious blue color theme candy buffet. Pick the perfect and blend for optimum tasty results.

4 Best Candy Bars

Candy has been in the confectionery market capturing millions of hearts for decades. Originally our ancestors enjoyed this delicious treat dipped and coated with pure honey and later blended with crunchy nuts and fresh fruits. Candies in ancient times prepared were too expensive and was consumed only by the rich community people.

Tasty Candy BarsThe new millennium kids today are lucky because they have the freedom to grab their favorite candy of any flavor or shape, easily from a nearby store or through the virtual web stores, without spending a fortune.

A recent reports reveal that Americans consume more than Three Billion pounds of candy chocolates every year, which is estimated to be around 11 pounds for each kid, every woman and man eventually. This is the primary reason for the increase in money spent on candies every year in America.

There is a strong bondage between holidays and candy bars, because everybody loves to give delicious candy bar gifts to their loved ones on the special occasions. However amongst these oceanic collections few candy bars have leaped and have gained the popularity of best holiday treats.

In this article let us discuss 4 best candy bars of all time.

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Bar
  • Snickers Candy Bar
  • Hershey’s Bar
  • Baby Ruth Candy Bars

Let us study in detail what makes these candy bar delicacies irresistible –

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup BarReese’s Peanut Butter Cups are delightful candy bars that are made by The Hershey Company exclusively by blending delicious rich chocolate with dripping peanut butter coating. This candy bar has gained more and more popularity, mesmerizing billions of sweet teeth across the decades, from the time it was introduced in the year 1929. This delicacy bar has earned so much desirable consumers because of its extraordinary taste and exotic flavor. The Reese’s Peanut Butter cup is available in different varieties and flavors in order to create more delicious moments. There are Reese’s white butter cup, Reese’s black butter cup, Reese’s Nutrageous candy bar and more. The basic cup candy bars are available in three sized cups, namely small, medium and big cups.

Snickers Candy Bar

SSnickersnickers candy bar is the favorite choice for kids and adults across the globe with annual sales more than 2 billion dollars extensively. This yummy mouthwatering chocolate slabs are manufactured by the Mars Inc.

‘Snickers’ is a delicious chocolate bar that is made with rich creamy milk chocolate blended with nougat topped with peanuts and caramel soaked together to form an exotic taste. The Snickers Bar was named after the favorite horse in the Mars Family farm that survived during the 1930 but died before this yummy candy bar was introduced. Snickers is available in varieties of products that includes dark chocolate, mini, topped with almonds and nuts, ice cream candy bars, Snickers peanut butter candy bars and more.

Hershey’s Bar

Hershey’s BarHershey’s is the largest chocolate company in America that produces million tons of chocolates and candies every year. The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar popularly known as the Hershey’s Bar is the mostly adored and consumed candy bar manufactured by the Hershey Company. This delicious big bar is an excellent treat for satisfying every sweet tooth craving for ultimate sweetness.

The Hershey’s Candy Bar is made with milk chocolate soaked and blended with crunchy almonds. This Great American Chocolate Bar was introduced to the world in the year 1908 and until now it has gained more consumers. A circular version of the Hershey’s Bar was released by Hershey’s Company in the year 2010 with the new name Hershey’s Drops.

Baby Ruth Candy Bars

Baby Ruth Candy BarsBaby Ruth Candy Bar is an American candy bar that is manufactured by the Swiss chocolate company the Nestle. It is prepared by preparing a rich compound chocolate covered with crunchy peanuts, chocolate flavored nougat and caramel in perfect blend. In the US it was originally made with exotic ingredients such as roasted peanuts, sugar, corn syrup, skimmed milk, coconut oil, high fructose corn syrup along with artificial and natural flavors and caramel color.

Nestle also produces various other flavored candy bars in this selections such as Baby Ruth chocolate covered with peanuts, Ice cream bat with vanilla taste, Butterfinger crisp bars etc. The yummy Baby Ruth Candy bar is sold in normal 2.1ounce sizes and 3.7ounces King size exclusively.

After reading the delicious facts about popular candy bars, I am sure your heart craves for some tasty treat. Grab your favorite candy bar and munch to ecstasy!

5 Best Pink Candy

Pink candy is a favorite delicacy that is compulsory addition at the baby showers and other special events. Baby girls are highly preferred and considered to be beautiful with charming grace just like a cute little pink candy. There are wide varieties of pink colored gorgeous candies available in the confectionery market that includes hard candy, pink sixlets, pink M&Ms, pink gummy bears, taffy and more. You can buy them in bulk to build a delicious candy buffet to compliment the party environment.

Pink candy buffetThe pink colored candy creates a feminine ambience and therefore preferred for its soothing and cool nature. This could be the perfect way to welcome your little baby girl in to the family. The pink lollipops and candy bubblegum cigars helps in generating a fun mood. There are endless choices available in pink candy lists such as candy beads and pearls, chocolate lentils, pink rock candy, chocolate hearts etc. Birthday parties can also be decorated with pink candy buffet for more attractive and capturing taste. Stock your party jars with delicious mouthwatering pink candies at less expensive rates while purchasing in bulk. Following is the list of 5 best pink candies-

Pink chocolate candy minis

pink chocolate candyYummy tiny pink chocolate minis are available in M&Ms, Sicklets and jellybeans etc. They are pretty, precious pink chocolate minis that look and taste good. The outer hard crunchy shell covering breaks and melts the dripping chocolate with every bite. The soft strand of pink candies is a perfect elegant addition for building a baby shower candy buffet. Wonderfully displayed pink candy in classic party jar is a treat to the eyes and sweet tooth of your friends and family.

Pink lollipops

pink lollipopsCreate a fun packed pop party with yummy and tasty pink colored lollypops. The confectionary markets are flooded with thousands of varieties of pink lollipops in different shades, shapes and sizes. The pink sweet suckers can be bought in various flavors like strawberry, chocolate, fruity, milky and more. You can combine different flavors to satisfy your guests on your sweet special day. There are striped lollipops with pink color combined with other color shades for an exotic jar of tasty delights.

Pink wrapped taffy

pink wrapped taffyPink taffies look pretty and tastes exotic but the spicy punch creates surprising delightful taste. The chewy texture and pink stripes over the taffies create punchy flavors that are worshiped by candy lovers. These delicious taffy candies are wrapped up in various flavors blended with peanut butter, banana, jelly, cream, cinnamon, strawberry, hot cocoa and more. There are also duos tastes available with endless ecstasy that melts within your taste buds wonderfully.

Pink marshmallows

pink marshmallowsPink marshmallows taste as heaven that showers immeasurable joy of delicacy. The soothing delicate pink colored marshmallows are puffy and fluffy, that dissolves in your tongue as light as feather. The feminine charm of these candy chocolates is best option for filling in the baby shower candy buffet for adding good cheer to any occasion. Pink marshmallows are available in various sizes and shapes. The marshmallow candies look elegant with class when filled within the banquet jars.

Pink rock candy

Pink rock candyThere are thousands of soft and chewy candies available in the market. Pink rock candy is an exceptional option. These rock candies are available in sticks and strings, which can be filled inside elegantly looking jars. The charming pink candy is made with crispy crystals, dipped in yummy sweetener and bubblegum flavor exclusively. They are sparkly and glamorous to look on your candy buffet celebration. These edible crystal rocks are sure the winner in the candy world with its different exotic crunchy taste.

Celebrate any occasion in a delicious way by building a gorgeous pink candy buffet to satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests.

Top 10 Candy for Candy Buffets

Candy buffets has gained more and more popularity in recent times. And they are not just displayed in the wedding receptions anymore but have been sweetening any types of occasions and parties or celebrations. You can now indulge sweet tooth of your guests by displaying yummy delicious candy buffet.

Candy BarsIt is fun and joy to build your own candy buffet with creativity. Initially you need to choose the theme and colors for your display in order to pick the perfect candies and containers accordingly. It is an excellent art to design, decorate and create a memorable and delightful candy buffet. People will remember the gorgeous looking sweet buffet for its colorful display and mouthwatering taste. Following is the list of top 10 candy types that can be used for candy buffets exclusively-

  1. Hard Candy

hard candiesOriginally hard candies were made for curing various illnesses such as cough drops etc. but these yummy candies were capturing the sweet tooth of the person eating it than the sickness. Hard candy is available in wide variety of flavors and colors. You can therefore pick the perfect hard candy from the wide collections that well suits the color and theme of your party. There are wide selections such as Jolly Ranchers, Runts, candy drops and more.

  1. Gum and bubblegum candy

Gum and bubblegumGum and bubblegum can be considered as the most desired confections across the globe. In every piece of this colorful treat there are loads of sugary taste and infinite fun. Bubblegum are available in different varieties of shapes, colors and sizes. It keeps you fresh all day and are preferred by both young kids and adults. There are more than thousands of candy gum products flooding the sweet platform. A colorful assortment of gumballs in bulk quantity can be filled within elegant jars for more exotic buffet.

  1. Chocolate Candy

Chocolate candyChocolate candy can be bought in bulk for a divine treat. Chocolate is the staple content in candy world and is used as chief ingredient in most of the candy recipes. These rich and creamy confections are surely craved by millions across the globe for its extraordinary taste. There are hundreds of categories and versions available in foil wrapped or fruity wrapped or as fudges or chocolate bars and more. Pick the best chocolate candy for your buffet to be filled with joyful fun.

  1. Gummy candy

Gummy ringsGummy rings, bears, worms, alphabets, bottles, fishes, fruits etc. are really very popular and sought by little angels in our home. These gummy candies are made in all sizes, colors and shapes in a delicious way. They are cute and enhance the yummy beauty of your candy buffet. Choose your favorite gummy candy that compliments your party theme, from the oceanic collections and brands available.

  1. Jawbreakers Candy

Jawbreakers candyJawbreakers candy is basically termed as Gobstoppers in England, which is a slang version for mouth stoppers. Thus the name reveals the mysterious taste of these delicious candies. They are coated with several layers of sweet, so that you get to explore different tastes while munching these candies. Jawbreakers are available in wide ranges of colors and sizes.

  1. Lollipop and suckers

LollipopsThere are huge variety of lollipops and suckers available for decorating your candy buffet. From whirly pops to blow pops and every tasty licker in between, you will be able to collect as much as you want suitable for your party buffet. Kids simply love them and choosing color coordinated suckers and pops in varieties of colors and shapes adds fun to the event.

  1. Rock candy

Rock candyRock candy is considered as the purest form of crystal sugar candy in different flavors. Candy swizzle sticks are ideal choice for stirring cocktail, coffee or tea and sweetening any drinks. The exotic colors and fantastic appearance of these types of yummy candies makes it the favorite confections for your candy buffet.


  1. Candy bars

Tasty Candy BarsCandy Bars are all time favorite since it possesses everything required for a perfect confectionery treat. They are available in hundreds of flavors like caramel, chocolate, taffy, almonds, marshmallows, peanut butter, cashews, coconut, and the list is endless, because they are blended and soaked for creating wonderful ecstasy tasty candy. Candy buffet with multi-candy bars is a real delicious treat.

  1. Jelly beans

jelly beansWow! With jelly beans you are not out of creativity ideas for your candy buffet. These candies are available in numerous flavors like banana, chocolate, coconut, vanilla, orange and more. When you fill the buffet jars with America’s favorite jelly bean candy then you are the topper in party making. You can choose little haven beans in bulk and each one will possess a unique flavor and tantalizing taste.

  1. Mint candy

Mint candiesMints are the confection that is a must for decorating any party buffet. There are large collections of mint candies available in diverse colors and shapes. Stock your buffet jars with classic elegant selections of mint candy for a refreshing sweet tooth in your guests. Even kids loves mint and everyone sure needs one after a delicious dinner.

The confectionery world is flooded with different types of sweet dripping candies. It would be a pleasure to present some of your favorite bulk candies for special guests and share your sweet ecstatic joy!

7 Most Popular Candy

Candies are delightful treat desired and craved by every person around the globe. There can be no kids or adults who can resist the sweet taste of this yummy colorful sugary candy. They are considered as the best ideal gift for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas and more.

CandyOriginally candy was not made with sugar but pure honey. During the middle ages, these candies were exclusively prepared for cooling and soothing sore throat. Another invention was the candies blended with spices like ginger, cloves, almonds, aniseed etc. dipped in honey syrup or sugar coating for healing digestive problems. Children love to lick this delicious candy and are attached to the ecstasy taste that lingers within their soul.

Every year an average American is estimated to feast on more than 20 pounds of candy. Most of the candies are consumed during Holiday Seasons as a sweet treat. More than 2 billion dollars are spent by them on candies during holidays. Following is the list of 7 most popular candies that have captured the hearts of millions across the world and in the US.

  1. Snickers
  2. Reese’s Peanut Buttercup
  3. Kit Kat
  4. Butterfinger
  5. Milky Way
  6. 3 Musketeers
  7. Hershey Bar

Let us explore these varieties of delicious flavors in detail-


Snickers‘Snickers’ is the topmost famous candy bar that was first manufactured by the Mars, Inc. Snickers has achieved global sales every year of more than 2 billion dollars exclusively. The yummy bar is made by combining nougat with sweet caramel and topped with crunchy peanut, and then soaked in milk chocolate for delicious result. This candy derived its name from the favorite pet horse of the Mars family in the year 1942.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter CupsReese’s Peanut Butter Cups was manufactured by H. B. Reese along with Milton. S. Hershey in the year 1929. This magical candy is prepared by mixing delightful chocolate with loads of crunchy peanuts that are roasted along with rich delicious caramel and then coated with the special Reese’s peanut butter for exotic taste. Those who crave for the taste of peanut butter will love the extra dose of milk chocolate. These candies are available in different sized cups that include mini, normal and big cups for satisfying your desires.

Kit Kat

Kit KatKit Kat is a wonderful chocolate dipped in four finger wafer biscuits and were initially manufactured by the Nestle under the Hershey’s license from the year 1935.  The sales of Kit Kat reached enormous heights widespread across more than 12 countries. Nestle has introduced various flavors for this candy bar aside from chocolate taste. It is available in more than 200 flavors that include banana, green tea, crème brulee etc.


ButterfingerButterfinger is yet another sugar coated sweet treat introduced by Nestle. This candy is made by blending flaky and crispy bar of peanut butter coated and topped with rich chocolate for ecstatic taste. Butterfinger Bar was invented in the year 1923 by Curtiss Candy Company in Chicago, Illinois. Nestle purchased both Baby Ruth and Butterfinger from Nabisco in the year 1990.

Milky Way

Milky Way Candy BarMilky Way Candy Bar is invented by Mars, Inc., the Frank C. Mars, in the year 1923, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This candy bar has different recipes with varied proportions of calories and flavors in different countries according to each nation’s preferences and cravings. The American Milky Bar version is made by combining chocolate malt nougat dipped and topped by milk chocolate blended with caramel coatings.

3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers Candy BarThe confectionary pioneers the – Mars, Inc. has introduced the 3 Musketeers Candy Bar. Those who love to lick and chew whole chocolate candies simply adore the taste. It is prepared by whipped fluffy chocolate bar coated on top with yummy rich chocolate. This delicious bar is made in an exotic taste is available only in US. The 3 Musketeers Bar is available in diverse flavors such as Truffle crisp, Hot Chocolate, Mint etc.

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

Hershey’s Candy BarHershey’s Candy Bar was invented by Milton Hershey who is the founder of Hershey Company, in the year 1900 and it has achieved great success and has gained more popularity in the United States. Hershey’s Candy Bars are available in fabulous flavors such as Cookies N Crème, Dark Chocolate, Krackel and more.  Every bar is wrapped with creamy fluffy chocolate and less calories.

These candy bars are used as dessert recipe and delicious gifts idea for making your day tastier. With crispy nuts and caramel fillings or as plain fluffy chocolate, either ways they are simply loved and enjoyed by candy lovers across the globe.

Best Sour Candy

sour patch grapesSome people prefer very sweet candy, but a few like sour candy. There are a lot of varieties of sour candies and some ones are the better. Sour Candy have their place, it’s a good amount of citric acid and made from a concentrated solution of sugar in water, to which flavorings and colorings are added. They can make a good addition to any candy buffet. It has a lot of colors, varieties and a long history in some of the cultures. Even its history touches Middle English word “Candy” derived in turn from Persian word (QAND). It too touches the (Sanskrit) Languages word (KHANDA) a piece of sugar. In North America Candy is in a broad category that includes Candy bars, chocolates, licorice, Sour Candies, salty candies, taffies, gumdrops and more. Continue reading

Where to Find Cheap Candy for Your Next Candy Buffet

Where to buy cheap candyPeople of all ages have a special liking for candies. Be it young kids or your own grandparents everyone enjoys the wide variety of candies available in the stores. Candy buffet is a special kind of buffet which has become immensely popular in the western countries. The buffet consists of a wide selection of candies that are loved by the guests. It is generally set after a reception dinner or any other special occasion. There are a number of brands available in the confectionery stories and major retailers coming in all shapes and sizes. The price structure also varies from one brand to the other. Finding cheap candies during special occasions are not at all a tough job as most of the retailers generally come up with special candy offers to attract the buyers. If you are busy making plans for your next candy buffet then you may consider the various options available to make your party a memorable experience. Most of the stores generally take bulk orders and are also available in an affordable price range. There are ample of online stores that offer bulk candies specially meant for people who have a special place for all kinds of sweets.

The online stores offer the freshest inventory of bulk candies in cheapest price rate. The huge range of discounted candies is considered best for candy buffet parties. A wide variety of candies are available like chewy candy, chocolates, gums, rock candy, lollipops, gummies, hard candy, licorice, mints, taffy and also sugar free candies. The bulk candies are sure to make your party an instant hit among your guests. A huge selection of candies will not only attract their taste buds but also enhance the mood of the season. If you are planning a candy buffet during the Halloween festival then you also need to make sure that you have enough variety of candies to please your young guests. It is always convenient to purchase in bulk as most of the packets will also mention the number of pieces available. So it will be easier for you to make your candy buffet preparation.

red candy buffetBesides the online stores, all the major retailers and confectioneries also offer cheap candy for all your special occasions. Most of the products are rightly priced to suit all budget requirements. When buying bulk candies, you should always make sure that you collect candies coming in various shapes and colors. Candies are available in various colors and are perfect addition for your buffet spread. Sugar crystals, sugar concentrations, types of sugar, color and aeration are some of the main ingredients that influence the variety of candies. Gummies and gumdrops which are popular form of jelly candies include stabilizers like gelatine, starch and pectin. Candies have a long history and are also known as sweets. If you really want to make your candy buffet a success then make sure you include as many varieties as available. If you are aware of the preferences of your guests that it can also be an added advantage.

Where to buy plastic candy buffet jars

plastic mason jarIf you’re planning to create a candy buffet for your next event, nothing beats glass candy buffet jars. But if you want to cut expense and potential hazards of glass, plastic candy jars are a good alternative. This is especially true if your buffet is for kids. Finding good plastic jars can be tricky. Many are plain looking and can appear cloudy. However, if you shop around you can find some decorative jars that can make the candy table. Here are several great places you can start your search.

1.) Dollar Stores. While dollar stores are known for their inexpensive glass jars, they also typically carry a selection of plastic jars as well. Depending on the size you need, you may be able to find them in multiple packs, saving even more money. Any plastic jar can be turned into a plastic candy jar, so keep your mind open when exploring various shapes and designs.

square plastic candy buffet jars2.) Online. Looking online is probably the most obvious choice. Whenever something is difficult to find, it seems that most people turn to Ebay, Amazon or Etsy as their trusted sources. Plastic candy jars are lightweight and can typically be shipped cheaply. Check out several sites and compare the prices to find the best deal on the jars you need.

3.) Mass Merchandisers. Mass merchandisers, such as Target and Walmart usually carry a large selection of plastic dishes, bowls, platters, and jars. Take advantage of the low prices and large selection to get the plastic jars you want at a price you can’t resist. Try searching online to preview your local stores selection before heading in.

4.) Thrift stores. Thrift stores typically carry a little bit of everything and if you’re lucky, you might just find some plastic containers. Look carefully, as plastic containers aren’t likely to stand out or be placed in a place of prominence. If you’re lucky enough to find the plastic jars you want at a thrift store, they will probably cost pennies on the dollar.

plastic candy jars

5.) Friends and family. As a last resort, try asking friends and family if they have any plastic jars they aren’t using. Be careful to only ask people you are inviting to the event, or you may stir up some hurt feelings. If you can borrow your plastic jars from people you know, you will save a lot of money.

Once you locate your plastic jars, you can arrange them into a fantastic candy bar. Using a combination of different shapes or staging the jars at different heights, you’ll be able to create a unique and interesting display your guests will love. Stock the jars with your favorite candies for a colorful and delicious display your friends and family won’t soon forget.

Candy buffet jars – a key ingredient

candy filled jarsLots of people ask about the best candy buffet jars. While there are a lot of places that sell nice containers for your next candy table, you can also get some inexpensive jars with very little effort. If you want to create a low cost candy buffet or just want to spend the money on the candy there are a few routes you can go. Best of all, these jars are easy to prepare and require minimal effort.

The secret behind any candy buffet is having a selection of jars to hold your sweet offerings. You can use modern jars purchased brand new, or a collection of vintage pieces from yard sales and thrift shops. Whatever you choose, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry the jars prior to the big day.

If you wish to buy the jars brand new, you can get a nice selection of inexpensive pieces at the dollar store. Candy jars can be made from candle holders, mason jars, vases, or straight walled cylinders. Whatever containers catches your eye can be made into a high-impact candy buffet. It is a good idea to buy a few spare jars just in case you change your design or should one break.

candy buffet jar pedestalsYou can choose to get various sizes of containers, or you can purchase all one shape and height. If you choose the latter option, consider staggering the display by draping fabric or a table cloth over several different sizes of boxes or pedestals. This way your display will have some variation in landscape. It may also be helpful to take into consideration the types of candy you’ll be serving and which containers would best hold them.

If you are planning to serve chocolate as part of your buffet, it is essential to cool your jar prior to the event. Cooling the jar will help keep the chocolate from melting once your guests arrive and the temperature rises. The best way to cool jars is in the refrigerator already filled with candy. Sugar-based candies like licorice and pixie sticks don’t require this additional step.

When designing a candy bar, avoid using too many colors. Clear containers work the best, and help showcase each type of candy. Alternatively, a plain white table cloth set against coordinating containers can make a dramatic effect. Feel free to play around with different arrangements in the store to see which containers you like the best.

clear candy buffet jarsKeep in mind that your candy buffet doesn’t need too much decoration. The candy itself will add color and interest, so really you need to do is pick the jars and arrange them in a creative way. You can re-use the jars to create other types of displays, such as ice-cream sundae buffets, baked potato buffets or taco buffets. Keep an open mind and get creative to make a memorable candy buffet for your next event.

5 Candy buffet ideas for a baby shower

baby shower candy buffetIf you are looking for candy buffet ideas for a baby shower, then there are some different ideas that you can choose from so as to add decoration and color to your buffet that will really make it stand out. With a candy buffet, the little things can make all the difference and by introducing some innovative ideas, you can really make a difference in producing something to remember for the mother-to-be and her guests. Here are five ideas that you could utilize for your candy buffet and make it look how you really want it to look.

  1. Candy buffet varietyTry and offer different types and flavors of candy so there is more variety for the guests. It means there is something there for everyone and also makes your table presentation appear so much more inviting.
  2. Try and be color specific with your candy so as to match the baby shower decorations. Baby showers will often be color specific depending if the gender of the baby to be is known. For example, it would be better to have blue sweets for a boy baby shower and pink sweets for a girl baby shower. This may seem a difficult thing to try and achieve but there are specialist sweet retailers, especially on the Internet that offer all kinds of different kinds of candy that you can order and also purchase in bulk.
  3. Ideas for different kinds of candy for your buffet include candy sticks, hard candies, gummy candies, chocolate bars and rock candy.
  4. candy buffet jarsIt is important to have some really nice jars and containers to put the candy into. Decorative jars and containers can make all the difference in making your display look more elegant and also interesting. The candy need not all look the same. You could have different shapes and sizes and use recycled containers if your budget is tight. To make them decorative, tie a same colored ribbon around them and put coordinated label tags onto them. This will bring the display together from a design point of view.
  5. With the display, make sure you start with a really nice table cloth for the setting of your candy buffet. Having a solid color background for your display can make all the difference.

By being a little more attentive, creative and imaginative and also using some of these candy buffet ideas for a baby shower, you can ensure that your contribution is one to remember for the mother-to-be and her guests.